« MOUVEMENT MÉDECINE » is an invitation to experience the power to create that is in us all. It’s a body based movement meditation practice that will reconnect you to the wisdom of living from the heart, the joy of knowing who you are and the satisfaction of making your unique contribution to life.

Since pre-history, dance, song and ritual-making have played an important role in healing and celebration. Movement Medicine is a contemporary expression of this human inheritance. It marries ancient and modern wisdom, and supports you to experience the transformative power of your full-bodied, full-hearted, open-minded creativity in motion. This is potent medicine that re-vitalises and aligns your natural wellbeing and leads to soulful, conscious and embodied living.



By awakening the dancer that lives inside you, by giving the reins to the part of you that rests in the beat, and by connecting your mind with your body and your body with your heart, movement becomes your medicine. In the embrace of the dance, we shatter the binds of shoulds and shouldn’ts that squeeze the juice from life.

Along the way, you will make friends with yourself and find many companions to travel alongside. You will come into contact with the unique essence of who you are and into vibrant interconnection with all of life.

Through this process, you will transform your relationship with the past, become more deeply engaged with the challenges and riches of the present, and unearth fresh inspiration to play your part in shaping the future.



What you can expect from this freestyle dance practice:

  • Support to find your own free dance, liberating your body to access its own language and wisdom.
  • Support to find the confidence to be yourself, to communicate, to enjoy relating, giving and receiving.
  • A friendly, non-competitive, welcoming atmosphere, no matter what your age, background, dance experience, culture, or appearance.
  • A healthier body, heart, mind and connection to your soul.
  • Most workshops start with a warm up, or “first dance”. In this you are encouraged to use the time to warm up your body, stretch, move, and arrive in the dance. It does not matter how you look, but it is important to keep your eyes open so you don’t bump into others.


Who is it for?

Everyone who wants to grow, and who is wanting to include dance as a way to grow freedom, awareness and the strength and sensitivity to be the original unique human being they are.


Workshops & where to dance in France

We recommend either a regular class or a weekend as the best starting point. Weekends give a more substantial bite of the cherry. For more information about all of these, please visit the events page (« évènements« ) for the monthly drop-ins and week-end workshops happening in France. Week-end workshops are being taught in English and translated in French. The registration process is in French but really easy to understand since you only have to pay your registration fee via paypal.